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3 Features Your Corporate Alumni Platform Should Have

3 Features Your Corporate Alumni Platform Should Have

Monday 28th June, 2021

So, you’re ready to graduate from your spreadsheet or social media group of corporate alumni and look into investing in a more robust platform that will drive value for both your company and its employees. But, you’re not sure what makes a strong corporate alumni platform.

Directory Tools

First and foremost, a corporate alumni program should have the key feature supporting, of course, a robust network. At its core, corporate alumni programs are only as strong as the number of engaged alumni and employees that are within them — which means that the most important starting point of any program is making sure that you have the proper directory capabilities built in.

Specifically, you’ll not only want a full directory of teams and members but also the following:

Recruiting Tools

Second, one powerful ROI that corporate alumni programs drive is the optimization of recruiting costs. How? By providing a platform that not only unites your past and present employee base but creates a valuable network for tapping into when recruiting.

To this end, you’ll want to make sure that your program and the respective platform on which you select to run it have a wide range of capabilities, including the ability for:

Engagement Tools

Last and certainly not least, you’ll want to make sure that the platform you’re using to support your corporate alumni program is not just a one-and-done sort of tool. What does this mean? You’ll want to keep members as engaged as possible, and on a regular basis, to help grow the network which will in turn grow the value it adds to both your company and its employees. This category of features may seem like a luxury, but trust us it is what keeps the alumni coming back!

With tools like Alumni Reach, corporations love leveraging engagement features such as:

Outside of the above categories and features, formal alumni platforms come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend using this list as a starting point and then paring down to see which features are most important for you, your company, and of course, your alumni!

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Posted by Argyris Skouloudis

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