3 Reasons HR Professionals Love Alumni Reach for Corporate Engagement
The Alumni Reach platform
Argyris Skouloudis
20 Jul, 2022

With all-star data points – like alumni networks generating 17% of rehires, reducing hiring costs by half, and shortening sales cycles by up to 50%, it’s no wonder that 98% of Fortune 500 companies have invested in building out alumni programs. Although not all of these companies are using a formal platform like Alumni Reach, the ones who have are seeing clear returns on their investment.

At Alumni Reach, we are speaking with top companies worldwide to help them identify and leverage all the benefits of a formal alumni platform. Our clients include one of the largest telecommunication companies in the Balkans, a leading mobile marketing firm in Greece, and a renowned global network powered by a leading U.S. university. So, why are these firms using alumni reach? This blog post highlights the top reasons (and favorite features) for companies using Alumni Reach.

Reason #1: A full (and we mean full) suite of directory tools.


First and foremost, the core power of an alumni network lies in its ability to aggregate and share information across your past and current employee network. This is done first through building a company directory and then expanding it to include not only more contacts but also detailed information that will help add value to everyone else in their network.

Alumni Reach not only equips companies with a simple, easily searchable directory of teams and members, but the HR teams using it are always raving about the detailed features it brings custom internal tags, scoring, member data assessment, easy at-a-glance information (i.e., Current Position, Last Position Held at Company, Location), and more. Because the more accessible all of this information, the more powerful your network. And the more powerful your network, the more value you drive both for your alumni community and your business.

Reason #2: End-to-end recruitment tools.


Another major value-add of alumni networks for HR teams is how easily they assist with one of the HR team’s primary functions: recruitment. With Alumni Reach, HR teams enjoy a full suite of recruiting tools that enable them to easily share professional opportunities and give all network members the ability to make referrals in-platform. What’s more, once the referrals and candidates are in, you can receive applications directly through the platform and even schedule interviews and general networking events.

Reason #3: Simple tools and gamification features to enhance alumni engagement.


Whether you are an HR professional using the platform’s recruitment tools or a past employee looking for current opportunities, Alumni Reach facilitates all conversations by providing a full suite of engagement tools as well. From in-app messaging and discussion forms to a location map view of all network members and advanced search capabilities, Alumni Reach is truly a fan favorite when it comes to companies looking for easy-to-use, engaging platforms for their teams. On top of this, all profiles, forums, and campaigns can be easily monitored and adjusted through a central admin dashboard giving HR teams complete network control.

These are just a few of the reasons that top companies choose Alumni Reach for their employee and alumni engagement efforts. And the numbers mentioned above truly speak for themselves — a corporate alumni platform like Alumni Reach is an investment that easily pays itself off and, above all, generates meaningful ROI for companies.

Unlock the Power of Your Corporate Alumni Network


Alumni Reach is the comprehensive, easy-to-use platform that corporations leverage to unlock the full potential of their corporate alumni network. Top firms choose and implement AlumniReach to recruit talent, increase brand awareness, and gain valuable market intelligence to build strong connections with customers.

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