5 Ways to Grow Your Business With an Alumni Network
Alumni Reach
Alumni Reach
23 May, 2023

The modern work landscape has transformed in the way it approaches employment relationships. Today’s companies are more aware of the benefits of utilising corporate alumni. Networking remains a powerful tool in professional communities. Here’s how:


Businesses can create a pool of surplus business potential. What is the most effective way of maintaining valuable relationships with the outside world? Through the development and management of an alumni network!

What happens when applying the right engagement strategies and making an active effort in promoting your alumni network, and organisation? Businesses are able to build long-lasting business relationships and establish an impactful knowledge web. All of this can lead to professional success. Here, we discuss the top 5 strategies we recommend for business growth through an alumni network:

1. Establish engagement with an alumni network early

In order to guarantee the best likelihood of employees engaging in alumni programs, engagement should be set up as early as possible. This can be done during the recruitment process.

During the hiring phase, you can sell the opportunity to join an exclusive alumni network, no matter how long they wish to stay at your business. You can also demonstrate the business alumni management solution to new employees as part of the onboarding process.

By introducing employees to a corporate alumni solution during the early stages of their employment, businesses create a loyalty connections from the beginning. This will help them set clear expectations of what employees can get out of their employment experience.

The use of an alumni network shows a clear sign that a business values long-term commitment and collaboration with its employees. No matter where their career takes them an alumni platform guaranties professional commitment and future opportunities.

2. Ensure an amicable off-boarding & exit process


This next step forms part of the overall employment process. It is crucial designing an excellent alumni management solution – ensuring an amicable exit experience.

According to a recent study by Gallup, only (24%) of employees were extremely satisfied with how their organisation handled the off-boarding process. Less than half of the respondents (45%) are actually satisfied with the exit experience. This study also shows employees who undergo a positive exit interview are nearly three times more likely to recommend that organisation to others.

It is highly beneficial for both your employees and your business if you ensure your off-boarding process is given just as much importance as your onboarding process. Make sure the exit interview is well-defined and focuses on gathering honest feedback and making employees’ voices feel heard. Gathering information on why the employee is leaving will also help you identify potential re-hires.

3. Highlight the benefits of being an alumnus


When an employee takes on a new work opportunity, there is no obligation for them to keep in touch with their previous workplace. In this instance, it is critical to remind corporate alumni of the benefits of their continued involvement with your alumni network.

Through an alumni management solution, organisations can offer benefits such as creating valuable contacts and opportunities with an exclusive network, access to thought leadership, organisational updates, special events, and more (which can include early access to new products and services, training, discounts, etc.) that will encourage alumni to contribute or remain part of your network.

4 . Offer a dedicated alumni management solution.


Previously, social networking platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn were the main way for businesses to keep in touch with previous employees. However, they are now no longer seen as engaging or efficient enough for the purpose of alumni management.

Nowadays, using a built-for-purpose alumni program like Alumni Reach is the way to go. It provides businesses with a secure and customisable network where they can communicate effectively with alumni, establish professional connections, and ensure continuous engagement.

5. Keep alumni engaged.


Once an alumni management platform is set up, it is crucial to keep members active with continual constructive engagement. This can start with sharing company updates regularly to keep them informed on the latest happenings. This can consist of product releases and updates, recruitment drives, exclusive discounts, and more.

A corporate alumni platform is also a great place to run surveys and gather information about products and services, emerging industry trends, policies, and more. Creating this kind of content will encourage participation, but also provide an opportunity to receive honest feedback. Publishing accomplished alumni success stories also acts as a morale booster for further engagement.

Lastly, events are an important way to keep alumni engaged. The HR team can better create and organise events to keep alumni engaged with a dedicated platform, and utilise administrative options to create the best results.


Utilise Alumni Networks For Your Business With Alumni Reach


With tailor-made alumni network programs, you can create online communities that will aid your business growth and success. At Alumni Reach Platforms, we support professional networks through providing a variety of engagement tools that keep you connected to your people, both old and new.

Find out more about the benefits of alumni networks by contacting us or booking a demo today.

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