About us
Our Vision is to inspire organizations and their people to remain connected and engaged, throughout their professional life.
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Alumni Reach was founded in 2019 in Athens, Greece to solve the problem we saw many corporations facing: the disconnect between current employees and business activities and the broader alumni network. To address this, Alumni Reach was built with the mission to help companies and organizations stay connected to their former employee pool.

Alumni Reach
Our mission

Since our founding, we have proudly enabled leading organizations across Greece and Europe to create strong, active, and well-nurtured networks that enable the easy sharing and access of information, knowledge, and opportunities.


Alumni Reach has also received accolades for our innovation through organizations and competitions such as the EIT Digital Venture Competition (2019 winner) and the MITEF Greece Startup Competition (2020 semi-finalist).


Our mission is to provide organizations with the tools to build strong, dynamic online networks, where the interaction with all network members is easy, effective, engaging and mutually beneficial.

Alumni Reach Connected People
founded by corporate veteran and Imperial College London alum Argyris Skouloudis
European Institute of Innovation and Technology Digital Venture Program Winners
M.I.T. Enterprise Forum Greece Startup Competition Semi-Finalists
Offering cloud-based platforms to help companies and organizations create and nurture on-line communities