5 Reasons Why You Need To Celebrate Your Alumni’s Success
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07 Jun, 2023

It is a well-known fact that companies greatly benefit from acknowledging, promoting, and celebrating their employee’s accomplishments regularly at work. However, this does not need to be limited to the people that currently work at your company. The benefits of celebrating your employees can also be extended to celebrating your alumni. Celebrating alumni success can be an effective way to boost morale, improve communication, and increase brand advocacy and awareness, amongst others.


Find out the top 5 reasons why you should celebrate your company alumni’s successes, and how helping them can also help you!

  • Reason #1 – Improves company culture and builds a positive reputation for the company

Celebrating employee successes is important in bringing the company culture together and fostering a sense of belonging and connection in the workplace community. Celebrating alumni, however, consolidates that feeling and makes them feel like they are still a part of that community, despite having moved on.

This act of recognition also fosters a culture of rewarding your workers for their impact and abilities during their time at your workplace. This, ultimately, helps your company’s reputation, as it will help your workplace look more appealing to the alumni’s own business and personal networks.

Employees and alumni who get appreciation may have more of an inclination to build relationships and boost the company’s reputation with customers. Utilizing alumni platforms is a great way to build your company culture and reputation.

  • Reason #2 – Enhances employee retention and increases the possibility of alumni returns

Celebration of alumni success is an important engagement strategy that helps retain your key employees. Alumni maintaining a positive relationship with your workplace helps boost employee morale and motivates them to stay at their current organization.

It helps alumni remember the positive experiences of their work environment and may motivate them to re-apply and return to your workplace if a suitable job offer comes up.

Employee recognition shows your workers that they are part of an open-minded and welcoming environment which will encourage them to reach their full potential.

  • Reason #3 – Improves communication with alumni

By acknowledging your alumni and their development after they have left your workplace, you will be able to keep a line of communication open with them, which you may be able to benefit from, or vice versa. For example, for recruitment or event drives.

Maintaining positive communication between alumni and the workplace leads to more trust, familiarity, and an increased probability of engagement.

There are a number of ways to maintain communication with alumni. It is recommended to start with soft and undemanding communications, which connect you without requiring that they make a significant commitment. Offering a wide range of possibilities for alumni to stay in touch with you keeps them informed of institutional and corporate achievements.

Using online networks such as a customisable alumni platform is one of the many initiatives you can take as part of your alumni engagement strategy.

  • Reason #4 – Incorporates alumni in brand development and growth initiatives

By recognizing alumni for their successes and growth, maintaining a good relationship with them may help you and your company’s growth in the future. Utilizing their perspective through specific brand development initiatives can provide invaluable feedback for understanding what your company needs to improve and develop your branding, culture, and products/services.

  • Reason #5 – Makes alumni brand ambassadors build the company’s network

Maintaining a good relationship with previous employees will also encourage them to become a brand ambassador for your company. By becoming one, they can help raise awareness and advocate for you in their networks. This, in turn, will connect you with a wider community of potential and influential stakeholders – especially if they are still working in the same industry.

Celebrate Success With Alumni Reach

With tailor-made alumni network programs, you can create communities that allow you to maintain consistent communication with your alumni and increase your business’ growth, reach, and success.

At Alumni Reach Platforms, we support the expansion of professional alumni associations through providing a variety of engagement tools, a powerful administrative system, and recruitment and directory tools that keep you connected and allow you to create a strong and effective business network.

Find out more about the benefits of alumni networks by contacting us or booking a demo today.

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