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Stay connected with your former employees, build stronger brand awareness, optimize the recruiting processes and gather insights on the market.
Key feature
Profile assessment and directory tools

At their core, corporate alumni programs are only as strong as the number of engaged alumni and employees within them – which means that the most essential starting point of any program has the proper directory capabilities built-in. That’s why we offer robust directory tools.

The Alumni Reach platform supports full directories of teams and members with the following advanced features:

  • Customizable tags and personal notes on a member level
  • Multiple ways to filter, review, and assess member data, and
  • Easily visible key information at-a-glance (Current Position, Last Position Held at Company, Location)
Key feature

The assessment of the profile data is made with our scoring algorithm. The algorithm also considers the in-platform activity of each member, improving the score of an active and responsive alumnus compared to an inactive alumnus.

The search criteria can be one or more of the following:

  • Company (current or past)
  • Location
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Position (current or past)
  • Years of experience
Key feature
Recruiting tools

One of the most powerful ROIs that corporate alumni programs drive is optimizing recruiting costs.

The Alumni Reach platform does not only unite a company's past and current employee base. It creates a valuable network to tap into when recruiting. Some key features comprise the capability of:

  • Both admins and members to share professional opportunities and receive applications,
  • Members to easily make referrals directly in-platform, and
  • Admins and members can network, message each other, and schedule physical or digital recruiting events, meetups, or interviews.
Τhe comprehensive platform for your online network
Provide your education institution with an all-in-one platform to take your alumni network to the next level.
Build your community on the Alumni Reach platform and boost engagement, networking, and the exchange of expertise and knowledge in your community.
Take your alumni network to the next level with one central easy-to-use platform.
Alumni Reach
Alumni Reach is the comprehensive platform enabling companies to unlock the full power of their corporate alumni network.
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