Provide your education institution with an all-in-one platform to take your alumni network to the next level.
Key feature
Built your alumni network with the Alumni Reach platform

Provide your educational institution with a wide variety of features to keep your alumni engaged on a regular basis. Our platform helps grow networks which will, in turn, raise the value it adds to both the educational institute and its students and alumni.

Current users of Alumni Reach love leveraging engagement features such as:

  • Location map-view of all alumni and teams,
  • In-app messaging and discussion forums,
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Crowdsourcing new products and services
Τhe comprehensive platform for your online network
Stay connected with your former employees, build stronger brand awareness, optimize the recruiting processes and gather insights on the market.
Build your community on the Alumni Reach platform and boost engagement, networking, and the exchange of expertise and knowledge in your community.
Take your alumni network to the next level with one central easy-to-use platform.
Alumni Reach
Alumni Reach is the comprehensive platform enabling companies to unlock the full power of their corporate alumni network.
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