Frequently Asked Questions
All you need to know about launching your alumni network!
Registration - How can we invite our alumni to register on the platform?
You can upload a CSV file with the list of the alumni you want to invite and our platform will do the rest. An invitation email with a unique registration link is generated and sent to all contacts in that list.
Registration - Do the alumni get a follow-up invitation email?
Yes, they get two follow-up emails. If they do not register within two weeks from the second follow-up email, the invitation expires. Admins then can select either to delete the invitation ore send a new one.
Registration - What if we do not have a list with the current contact details of our alumni?
We will create a landing page, where your alumni can express their interest in joining your alumni network and give their current email addresses. After the confirmation of their alumnus status from the admin, they will receive the invitation email to join.
Registration - Can I customize the text of the invitation email?

Yes, admins can customize and personalize all emails generated by the platform in the email editor and the use of tags.

Platform - How soon can you set up the platform for us?

We can set up your platform within 5 days.

Platform - Can I customize the look and feel of the paltform?

Yes, you can customize the platform to your brand image with your logo, brand colors, and your social media accounts.

Platform - Do you support Teams or Groups on the platform?

Yes, we do. There is an optional Teams module that can be used to host any grouping needs you may have,

Platform - Is your platform multilingual?
Yes, our modules speak several languages including English, French, Spanish, and Maltese. Soon the list will include Italian, German, and Greek.
Platform - Do you have an app?

Yes, you can find our app for iOS in the app store here, and our app for the Google Play store here.