How to convince your team to invest in a corporate alumni platform
How to convince your team to invest on an alumni platform
Nadia Marogianni
20 Jul, 2022

How sure are you that your company is utilizing every possible opportunity to get ahead?


If your company is like most, at some point, it fell into a rhythm that keeps things afloat, but the drive for new ideas long ago faded away.

If your company finds itself at this stage, just about the best thing you can do is re-engage with the roster of professionals you used to work with. Establishing a corporate alumni platform can all at once increase the size of a team’s brain trust for all sorts of things like new hires, new initiatives, and new business. But projects like this can spark pushback from a team. Some might wonder if the benefits will be worth the costs involved…

But you know better. How do you convince your team that a corporate alumni platform is exactly what your company needs at this moment?  This list of reasons should be more than enough to seal the deal.

The benefits (far) outweigh the costs.


There’s literally no limit to the advantages of having an easy, reliable way to engage with the individuals who used to call your company ‘home.’  Many of your former teammates have been advancing through other organizations meeting people, learning programs, and discovering hacks you would love to know about. Their understanding of the industry has evolved and no doubt harbor unknown ideas and opportunities that could spark any number of windfalls for your team.

For example, a former coworker who now works in a finance-forward office likely knows about investment opportunities that are perfect for you. Others who moved deeper into tech likely now use tools that could save your outfit time and money. These benefits and more can be enjoyed for a minuscule subscription price that will pay for itself many times over in a short amount of time.

Former all-star workers deliver the best new hires


Research now shows that the traditional job interview format does not work. It turns out humans are extremely bad at sussing out whether a stranger will excel at their company by reading their resume and asking 30 minutes of questions. You may have recently looked around your office and noticed the number of all-star workers is lower than you’d like.

Here is another vector where a corporate alumni platform can be a boon. It turns out that the best source of new talent is the talent that’s already come through your doors. As a general rule, people who are smart, resourceful, and cordial tend to befriend other people who are smart, resourceful, and cordial. Using this method well can allow you to scrap the traditional hiring process, saving tons of money. An alumni platform will allow you to ask your former all-star workers who they think would be the best fit for your latest open position. 

Brand-boosting opportunities are many.


Access to all your former workers is likely to breed a core team of brand ambassadors you would not have had otherwise. With some incentives, a few of your favorite alumni are liable to recommend your company as a potential partner for new collaborations or as an ideal firm for a new business opportunity.

Opportunities also abound to increase your corporate social responsibility profile and your brand’s image as a beneficent actor. By inviting former employees to days of service, a larger, more dynamic group can perform feats of labor and raise scores of charity money that your company can brag about and be proud of. A larger CSR footprint will boost your company’s brand to future partners, investors, and customers, the benefits of which are literally too numerous to list.

Unlock the Power of Your Corporate Alumni Network


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