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Build your community on the Alumni Reach platform and boost engagement, networking, and the exchange of expertise and knowledge in your community.
Alumni Reach solution
Screenshots of the Alumni Reach platform
Key feature
Gamification to enhance engagement

Boost engagement among your community members with our gamification engine. You can either create custom missions or use our ready-made ones. Members complete these missions online, on the platform, or on your company's website and social media accounts to earn badges and rewards.


We have an extensive mission library and various winning mechanisms badges and rewards. The mission library covers all aspects of the platform:


  • Login
  • Profile updates
  • In-platform messaging/chatting
  • Contributing to the discussion forum
  • Making referrals
  • Attending events
Τhe comprehensive platform for your online network
Alumni Reach is the most efficient way to engage with the individuals who used to call your company ‘home’.
Take your alumni network to the next level with Alumni Reach!