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The Benefits of Engaging Employees (Even After They Leave)

The Benefits of Engaging Employees (Even After They Leave)

Monday 7th June, 2021

It’s an obvious fact that employee engagement is directly linked to a company’s bottom line. Most companies know this and have therefore put into place programs to keep employees engaged and productive. However, what most companies underestimate (if they put any value on it at all…) is the value of engaging employees even after they leave your organization.

They have insider knowledge

Regardless of how much time an employee has spent with your organization, anyone who has seen your inner workings is a valuable asset to keep on tap for a variety of reasons. First, to give you feedback from a perspective that only they have (the internal perspective), which is invaluable for getting highly relevant, unfiltered feedback on both internal (e.g., how your organization could have served them better) and external (e.g., how you could serve your customers better) matters.

Companies that understand this power of alumni networks often implement feedback loops with communities of former employees, to get highly targeted and valuable input for refining existing programs and launching new products. Tools like Alumni Reach even enable teams to easily and seamlessly launch surveys all from their central platform.

They are your best advocates

If they had a generally positive experience as a member of your organization, former employees are an excellent source of building continued brand awareness and goodwill even after they leave — both for future employees and customers. On top of this, their opinion also carries a lot more weight than the average supporter because they are speaking from first-hand experience.

This has great benefits for areas like recruiting, as companies actively building and leveraging their corporate alumni networks see shorter and more optimized recruiting cycles by putting potential candidates in touch with former employees to get first-hand accounts of what working at their company is like. And if an employee has left a company and is still praising it, this goes a long way to close the deal with those top candidates.

They are connected to others just like them…

Building on top of the previous point, it is also highly likely that your corporate alumni are surrounded by professionals of similar seniority and in similar industries. What does this mean for you? That engaging your corporate alumni gives you the power of tapping into their networks — making recruiting to fill their positions or for new positions easier than ever.

Simply put, more engaged employees equals greater ROI… and more engaged corporate alumni equals even greater return. Invest in actively building and engaging your alumni network today to drive positive growth across the board.


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Posted by Argyris Skouloudis

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