The Platform
Unlock the full power of your professional network!
Screenshots of the Alumni Reach platform

Harness the full potential of your online community. Whether you’re managing an alumni or a corporate alumni network, a community with a shared goal or mission, or a professional association or body, our platform is your all-in-one solution.


We provide the tools and features to foster connections, facilitate collaboration, and drive engagement.


With our platform, you can seamlessly create, grow, and nurture diverse communities, all underpinned by the same commitment to maximizing their value.


Let us transform your network into a vibrant, thriving ecosystem of opportunities and connections.

Access this comprehensive set of features from one central, easy-to-use platform.
Directory tools
  • Directory of members
  • Multiple views to review member profiles
  • Scoring and Recommendations
  • Directory of teams
Recruiting Tools
  • Job board
  • Applications handling
  • Referrals
  • Event scheduling and promotion
Engagement & networking tools
  • Chat room
  • Discussion forum
  • Media library
  • Gamification engine with missions, badges and rewards
Why Alumni Reach?
Member Profile Assessment
Multiple ways to view and assess member profiles, with key information visible at a glance.
Recommendations for effective communication
Identify the most engaged members in the network and enrich search results with in-platform activity to improve the effectiveness of your communication campaigns.
Tools to enhance user engagement
Use gamification elements to incentivize engagement with badges and rewards.
Effective Networking
Schedule and promote networking events! Digital or in-person events, we support both.
Effortless Communication
Facilitate communication and collaboration for all members with seamless 1:1 communication and group chats
Alumnus using his mobile
The comprehensive platform for your online network
Corporate Alumni
Alumni Reach is the most efficient way to engage with the individuals who used to call your company ‘home’.
Take your alumni network to the next level with Alumni Reach!
Professional Communities
Build your community on the Alumni Reach platform and boost engagement, networking, and the exchange of expertise and knowledge in your community.