What Are The Five Things Companies Without An Alumni Network Miss Out On?
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23 Jan, 2023

All companies, regardless of their size, strive to increase their pool of potential job candidates. However, is this achievable through traditional recruiting methods? Utilizing alumni networks can provide a plethora of benefits for companies across all industries. What are those five benefits that every company needs and what are we missing out on by not incorporating alumni networks into our recruitment process? Let us discover the answers.

1. Access to a large pool of potential new hires: Alumni networks provide access to a much larger pool of potential job candidates than is typically available through traditional recruiting methods.


It is acknowledged that traditional recruiting methods, such as the various platforms currently available, provide the opportunity to identify job candidates for open positions. But how effective are they? Both large and small companies require an effective platform that offers a wide range of potential candidates and advanced functionality to assess candidate profiles and accept referrals. Ultimately, the quality of employees a company hires greatly impacts the potential growth and success of the organization.


2. Opportunities for mentorship: Alumni networks can provide valuable mentorship opportunities for current and former employees to share their experiences and expertise with each other.


Sharing experiences and expertise and providing mentoring for current and former employees helps foster a sense of community and connection among alumni. Alumni who have gone through similar experiences and have achieved success can offer valuable guidance and advice to current and former employees who are just starting out in their careers. Additionally, mentorship can also serve as a way for alumni to give back to their alma mater and help to shape the next generation of professionals. Furthermore, it also benefits the company as mentored employees tend to have a better sense of direction, and develop skills that are beneficial to their current and future roles, making them more productive and valuable to the company.

3. Networking opportunities: Alumni networks provide an ideal platform for current and former employees to network with each other and potential employers.


Who said that corporate alumni networks only benefit companies and not the alumni? Corporate alumni networks are amazing hubs for professional networking. Alumni can reconnect and nurture relationships with old, current, and future colleagues online or at networking events just for them.


4. A way to stay connected: Alumni networks provide a way for current and former employees to stay connected with one another and to the company, even after they have left.


Former employees can gain early access to professional opportunities with their former employers or be referred for opportunities by their fellow alumni.


5. Brand ambassador opportunities: Alumni networks can provide a valuable platform for current and former employees to serve as brand ambassadors for the company.


Alumni networks are a great way to increase the visibility of a company and its brand. Alumni can share their experiences and opinions about the company on social media, helping to build a positive reputation.


 In 2023, alumni networks will play a crucial role in facilitating connections between employers and employees, providing a streamlined and structured method of identifying professional opportunities, as opposed to utilizing various platforms which may not have a specific focus on professional and business communications.

No matter the size of your network and your objectives, Alumni Reach has a plan for you.


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