Why An Alumni Platform Is a Great Tool For iGaming Companies
alumni platform for igaming companies
Alumni Reach
08 May, 2023

The iGaming sector is one of the strongest on the market, with a lot of choices available when it comes to employment. Companies in this sector offer many job opportunities and need a lot of attention from many different aspects of the business. These include IT, UX, marketing, management, compliance, and more.

Today’s highly-saturated and competitive iGaming employment network requires the utilization of several avenues and online platforms by employers and HR personnel. However, these tools can often be ineffective at finding the right candidates, especially for roles requiring specific expertise.

This is where Alumni Reach’s online community platform fills in the gaps – with assessment and administration tools that enhance your search and provide quality network engagement, in any industry. Find out more about how we can help your iGaming company’s employment initiatives below.

The Main Challenges of Finding the Right People


The success of online casinos created monumental expansion and establishment of competition in the sector, providing a seemingly endless number of opportunities for both customers and employees. The global pandemic dramatically accelerated this success through the increase of online betting portals, leading to a shift in attracting personnel through remote-working opportunities.

The iGaming sector attracts thousands of employees and potential candidates. However, the industry is not immune to employment challenges – in both recruitment efforts and maintaining optimal employee satisfaction. The main challenges the iGaming industry faces include:

  • Trying to find the best-qualified people for your open position: Trying to find the perfect candidate for the post creates options when recruitment efforts are limited. The number of candidates shouldn’t be prioritized, but the quality of those candidates.
  • Consistent engagement with the right candidates: Your recruitment efforts should stand out to good candidates, and pique their interest. Consistent engagement, thus, is key to optimal recruitment. Administrative tasks and communication efforts, however, are often hindered in recruitment efforts and end up creating suboptimal experiences for candidates.
  • Collecting the right data: Data collection is a crucial step in the recruitment process, and always you and your team to make informed decisions. But the task of data collection itself can be quite difficult. This is why investment in data tools can prove useful.

HR personnel is always looking for solutions to utilize the efficiency and quality of their recruitment work that can benefit the company overall. This is where Alumni Reach seeks to add to a company’s recruitment and networking toolkit.


How Alumni Reach & iGaming Can Work Together


HR teams are instrumental participants in every company, and our tools highlight their importance and value to the company’s success. iGaming companies always need support when it comes to employment and project tasks.


Create an optimal network experience

Alumni Reach helps any HR team build the perfect company recruitment and feedback processes for potential candidates and former employees. Our platform is centered on building and maintaining your connections with both old and current personnel. Your network can be nurtured through various directories, recruitment, and networking tools, providing a central and easy-to-use platform.

Keep track of employee activities

iGaming companies can also utilize their company networks to keep track of employee activities and create the best working environment. Our gamification engine provides various tools to keep employees engaged and satisfied, and our recruitment tools provide a centralized platform to provide feedback and voice concerns. Our alumni platform can help iGaming companies optimize their work and stay ahead of the competition!


Utilize cost-efficient methods

Recruitment agencies are often utilized to help in these tasks – but partnering with an agency often comes with particular challenges, and creates unnecessary financial burden on the company. Using an alumni platform is also a more cost-efficient method to create a company network, requiring only one monthly payment.


Get assistance with administrative tasks


Alumni networks also allow iGaming company’s HR Departments to centralize office activities and planning, providing one centralized alumni platform that promotes company events and teambuilding activities. It is also useful for day-to-day tasks such as creating and promoting online tasks, webinars, and team meetings.

These tasks are the bread and butter of every HR team at an iGaming company – and whilst they are common tasks, they are not easy. Utilizing the process can help you get the work done with as little distress as possible.


Unlock Your HR Network With Alumni Reach


Alumni Reach creates professional communities, providing a new avenue for recruiters to achieve success. Our concept is simple, but it can make a big difference to your employment efforts. Find out more by looking through our website or booking a demo with one of our consultants today.

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