Why Employees Love Alumni Networks
Why employees love alumni networks
Argyris Skouloudis
20 Jul, 2022

It’s no secret that alumni networks are a powerful tool, whether it is on a university or professional level. And where exactly does this power come from? Harvard Business Review summed it up best: “Attending the same university or graduate program gives you a shared history — and a great excuse to connect with other interesting, accomplished people.”

And one of the biggest challenges individuals face is knowing exactly how to stay in touch with these former peers and colleagues. Outside of the usual suspects – such as subscribing to your university’s alumni magazine or attending a professional development from a former employer – there is also one-other well-kept secret, the formal alumni network.

Our team at Alumni Reach works closely with companies to give them an alumni platform that will truly add value to their team, former employee community, and of course, the company. And our work with various pools of employee alumni has revealed these three main common reasons as to why employees love having access to a formal alumni network. Here they are.

1. It gets your foot in the door.


Oftentimes, cold emailing and reaching out to other professionals in your network may feel awkward and transactional, especially if you didn’t have a vast relationship history before. Because this sums up most of our professional interactions, as the majority of jobs come from these kinds of “weak ties,” individuals love any tools that can help them to get their foot in the door in the least awkward and transactional manner. Formal alumni networks give employees and former employees an easy and powerful forum to breed familiarity from the simple fact that everyone attended or worked at the same place, resulting in less awkward interactions and more meaningful connections.

2. It is an easy way to find people of common industries and interests.


Within a corporate alumni network, you are building relationships with people who worked at the same company and therefore are inherently cut from the same industry cloth. Combined with the familiarity foundation above, this makes alumni networks a fantastic tool for meeting others who share experiences in and passions for common sectors and fields. For employees, this translates into powerful connections for employees and former employees looking for jobs, mentors, or professional contacts to help them in their current roles. For companies, this translates into more efficient recruiting practices and lower HR costs (among many other benefits).

3. It is a powerful tool to help you find a job.


Last but not least, combining the two areas above results in the creation of great professional opportunities for everyone in the network, plus everyone who will be in the network in the future. Corporations that invest in a formal alumni network see the investment payback tenfold by way of happier and more engaged employees and more streamlined recruiting practices. Current employees feel supported because they have a tool that gives them access to a powerful professional network that will help them in their current and future roles. And former employees forge a loyal bond with your company as they will also turn to this network for connections and opportunities. So, a win-win-win!

Give Your Employees the Networking Tool of Their Dreams


Companies choose Alumni Reach as an easy and impactful investment in their talent, past, and future. The Alumni Reach platform gives all companies a powerful tool that is not only comprehensive but easy to use, so you and your team can unlock the full potential of your corporate alumni network.

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